Welcoming A Third Son | Wareham, MA Birth Photographer

Hands hold and wrap and lift them up as they wait for the tides to change
In a sea family, love, and boys. Two blonde heads scurry at their hips and knees,
waiting for another like them, to fill them up and anchor them down tight.

You look at them and wonder how this love could get any bigger and then, in a gasp, it grows. From four to five, this tidal change shifts the charts with a tsunami of new love that smiles and laughs and lifts them up high above the waves then anchors them down just right.

051A5158051A5168051A5184051A52022014-01-28_00182014-01-28_00202014-01-28_00192014-01-28_0022051A52622014-01-28_00322014-01-28_0021051A53442014-01-28_0024051A5354051A5372051A53742014-01-28_0030051A5420051A5430051A54282014-01-28_0023051A5451051A5445051A54712014-01-28_0025051A5478051A5496051A5499051A55032014-01-28_0033 051A5532051A5538051A55452014-01-28_00262014-01-28_00292014-01-28_0028051A5555051A5557051A5565051A5602051A5623051A5625051A5649051A5655051A5677051A5694051A5729051A5731051A5741051A5750051A5766051A5778051A5790051A5791051A5801051A5807051A5829051A5837051A5850051A5857051A5871051A5921051A5909051A5900051A5919051A5890051A5928051A61062014-01-28_00362014-01-28_0034051A6061051A5998051A6084051A6155051A6165051A6077051A6098051A6231051A6110051A6128051A6216051A6210051A6176051A6172051A6203051A6302051A6288


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