A Baby Boy to Start the Day | Wareham, MA F r e s h 48 Photographer

In this craft that I have stumbled upon like a comfortable reunion with a childhood friend, I find unmeasurable joy. “Work” has no place as a descriptor for the new creativity that I have welcomed into my life, into my home, moving forward. I wait patiently, but with great anticipation, for invitations to join in documenting the celebration of new life. Wait to photograph these evanescent moments, gone like a hummingbird from the window, and to give the gift of remembering, in color, in black and white, in moments paused in time.

This summer I was humbled to join a wonderful family as they met their son, baby Taj, for the first time. I entered the maternity ward with family to witness and capture the very first hours of his life after he was born via cesarean section. These moments were filled with light and celebrated with constant embraces of loving arms, smiles that told stories, and an undeniable connectedness of a family whose closeness was tangible. To say that I was honored to help them in the effort to remember these minutes forever does not even begin to touch the sentiment. I am honored. I am floored. New life photography brings me great joy; following baby Taj from belly to birth to newborn has been a joyful journey. I am so honored that this family allowed me to ride alongside as they anticipated and welcomed this new, beautiful life.



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