Belly, Birth, and Babe: A Journey Through Summer to Baby Nathaniel | Falmouth, MA Maternity, Birth, and Newborn Photographer

They wade through the humidity of that summer, treading water in air as they await the arrival of August, the weeks that will bring summer and pregnancy to their finish lines, will bring heart bursting love and the rejuvenation of newness to this house.

In the black, hushed stillness of one of these humid summer nights, the kind where the air is our ocean, this baby boy arrives. For a time, only streetlights, stars, and the soft lamps of this house of memories, where his father grew as a boy, light the moment. But soon his entrance brightens and fills it all with the resplendence that only new life can bring. His arrival is swift, and pure, and radiant. And it is quiet in a way that we have known all our lives but forgotten because of the hum and the buzz of this or that, piled up high. It is, even amidst all of this miracle here, so normal and natural, just another moment in the sea of this summer night as he swims to his parents through the water of their home.



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